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An expanding community

As the Astride Community Server has passed 700 members, the growth continues and has sparked an interest in Astride and the game development.

Ever since the launch of Astride's new social media platforms, there has been a steady rise of community members across these. Recently, Astride was mentioned on a list of new up-and-coming horse games to look out for. This boosted attention towards the game and both the community server on Discord and social media platforms like Instagram had a boost of exposure.

For the team behind Raidho Games' Astride to experience this has proven to be very exciting. While the community continues to grow, the Astride game developers will keep on working towards the goal of government funding.

For more news, sneak peeks of game development and connecting with the community, check out our social media and community servers by clicking here!

Have a great weekend and see you soon!

With love from the Raidho Games Team!

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