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Astride's Kickstarter successfully funded

After only two weeks on Kickstarter, Astride already reached its initial goal of €30,000 Euros. This is absolutely incredible and we cannot thank you enough for the continued support you have shown Astride and our team.

The Kickstarter campaign still has 10 more days to go, and anything helps kick Astride's production into gear. We at Raidho Games are a small team with big ambitions, but with the help from the community, we are sure that Astride will continue to grow into the game we are aiming for.

With Kickstarter, there are stretch goals. Although the initial goal has been set, Astride has stretch goals to open the doors for more team members. As of now, the first priority is a second programmer to work alongside our programmer and further develop the game. After this, a story and quest artist will be prioritized as there will be a story behind Astride and quests for the players to explore.

Astride is also getting closer to testing, and we are aiming for a test around the end of April or the start of May this year. This test will mainly revolve around the horse controllers and feel to make sure we are headed in the right direction. The next stage after the first test is to start testing multiplayer functions, as this is an important aspect to Astride.

We will be using Open Netcode, an open source multiplayer package created by our programmer, Trond. Open Netcode will allow Astride to function with multiplayer where players will be able to visit each other and ride together.

There is a lot in store for Astride and we can't wait to share the development with you.

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