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We currently have no available positions to fill, but we are always looking to speak with talented and nice people. If you send us an open application, we will keep your information on file, but we may not be able to respond at this time.


To apply for a position at Raidho Games, send an email to Please include a cover letter, a CV, and a link to your online portfolio or gallery, or to a shared zip file. Job applications sent to our social media platforms such as Instagram and Discord will not be considered.

Sound designers and composers

We already have a full-time music composer and a freelance sound designer. We are currently not looking for any more freelancers in sound/audio/music.

Story/scriptwriters/3D artists/concept artists

We are currently not looking for more story or scriptwriters for Astride at this time. The same applies to 3D and concept artists as we have these positions filled for the time being.

Internships and non-paid positions

Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, we generally do not accept internship applications from outside Norway. If you are a Norwegian student looking for an internship, feel free to send us an email, but we do not have any internship opportunities available at this moment. 


We do not offer non-paid positions. We value our employees' work and believe that all work should be compensated fairly. Therefore, we will not be taking in free labor. 

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