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Discover myths, legends and unravel stories on horseback. Train your horses from nothing to elite in various disciplines, build your dream stable and breed forward the best offspring.

Astride is a horse roleplaying game set in a fictional Scandinavia. Meet Nordic horses such as the Norwegian Fjord Horse, Norwegian Warmblood Horse, Dole Horse, Northlands Horse and the Icelandic Horse. The team behind Astride has extensive horse knowledge and we aspire to create the one horse game we never got to experience for ourselves.


Platforms & release

Astride is already up for wishlisting on Steam for PC/Mac and will be released in early access on Steam in March/April of 2023. Platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox are also being explored, but will come at a later time.


While Astride is up for early access, the price will be set to €25 Euros. When the game is fully released, the price will rise according to the content available in the game.

Monetization model

Astride will have a one-time purchase and use of DLCs. A DLC is downloadable content which will include new horse breeds, tack and equipment, areas and possible quests.

More information

To connect with the community and get more information about Astride, please join Astride's Discord server. Planned features, frequently asked questions, daily work in progress and much more is to find here.

Thank you for subscribing!

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